What Remains Is Future by David Bergé

Published by big black mountain the darkness never ever comes (2017)
64 Pages, 11.5 x 16.5 cm, Paperback, Edition of 700

The book What Remains Is Future is a continuation of the installation by artist David Bergé responding to the archive choreographer Marc Vanrunxt.

“Dear Visitor,
You just witnessed What Remains Is Future, an installation by David Bergé, presenting the archive choreographer Marc Vanrunxt has been working on since 1981. A few elements that were ignited by the installation, such as the erasure of archival photographs by light, or the rescaled replicas of scenographic objects from the archive, continue in this book. Other elements have been added, such as an essay by Yasmina Reggad, drawings by Marc Vanrunxt, re-done by himself in 2017 after my photos from his notebooks, as well as a Tipp-Ex drawing by Lieven De Boeck, erasing one of those photos.”

– David Bergé