Travelling Audio Book
‘a day without olives is like a day’
by Jack Piers Scott
1 – 30 June, 2013

a day without olives is like a day – published by Corporeal January 2013 – is the latest book of poetry and prose by Jack Piers Scott and an audio version of the same work with the author in collaboration with the composer Lucy Claire Thornton.

A small wooden box has been built to enable the audiobook to travel around the country and to be listened to in a variety of locations. It will be installed at Ti Pi Tin for the entire June!

Comprising a small amplifier, mp3 player, headphones, and a row of six headphone sockets, together with compartments for the book and CD, the box allows up to six people to sit around and listen to the audio version whilst thumbing through the book at the same time. With a running time of 70 minutes and set on a loop, the work allows people to join and leave at any point.

Copies of the book and CD are also available for sale.