Jet Master: A Visual Strategy by Idan Hayosh, Corina Künzli & Salome Schmuki

Published by Kodoji Press (2008)
112 Pages, 24.5 x 17 cm, Paperback, Edition of 900
ISBN: 978-3-03747-013-8

Jet Master is a collaboration between artist Idan Hayosh, who has long been fascinated by the order and visual harmony created by aircraft and weapons dealers in their publicity and advertising photographs, and the design team of Corina Künzli and Salome Schmuki, who have found even deeper patterns and visual motifs in Hayosh’s found images. Together, the three have compiled a series of images – printed in color, black and white, and monochrome compositions – in which athletes, bombs, marching band members, and jet planes are arranged according to a strict visual logic that disregards the individual and its potential for upsetting order and causing destruction.