NO-ISBN on self-publishing 2nd Edition by Agnes Blaha, Bernhard Cella & Leo Findeisen (Eds.)

Published by Salon für Kunstbuch (2017)
516 Pages, 12 x 19 cm, Paperback, Second Edition
ISBN: 9783902374370

NO-ISBN on self-publishing investigates extraordinary books that withdraw from the international book trade. A register contains 1,800 items that have three features in common: they are recent, printed on paper, and circulate without an ISBN. This is the second edition with more additional materials and interviews.

What role will self-publishing play in the 21st century? Will the new kind of book printing develop to become an alternative to electronic communication? How is it possible to distinguish subversive gestures and New Biedermeier? NO-ISBN on self-publishing provides an outline of media history from 15th century book printing to the present time, a schedule of micro- and fanzine fairs from four continents and manifestos of historical and current avant-gardes. They are interspersed with texts about the international boom of artists’ books, written by protagonists of self-publishing.

This first, richly illustrated reader offers an apparatus to discover a new, yet uncharted terrain. It is published in separate German and English versions.